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Feature 2021

30. Passive Investing in Farmland and Agriculture with Peter Badger

Whenever we think of investing in real estate, we tend to think of either single family homes, apartment buildings, office buildings, or maybe shopping malls. But rarely do we think of buying raw or developed land as a means to invest in real estate and enjoy all of the financial benefits that tend to come along with it.

But in fact, farmland is actually considered to be one of the least volatile investment vehicles available, when compared to other asset classes. 

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge speaks with Peter Badger, Chief Strategy Officer at Farmfolio, to discuss how owning farmland is a way to diversify your investment portfolio in a way that is not directly correlated to the stock market. Peter discusses turn-key investing in farmland and how Farmfolio’s model can be an effective option for investors of all sizes.

Peter discusses: 

  • What advantages he saw in investing in farmland that has changed his career and overall investment strategy
  • The importance of climate, land quality, and labor for the crop success
  • Why large grocers are turning to their operation to supply their stores
  • How FinTech is challenging the status quo of market regulations and requiring innovation for the future
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Peter is a full-time investor in real estate and agriculture for nearly a decade and recently joined the team at Farmfolio as their chief strategy officer. Prior to that, Peter spent 18 years working on Wall Street and a decade working in Silicon Valley where he co-founded Framehawk, an enterprise software company, which he sold to Citrix systems. He has helped lead some of the world’s premier companies including Barclays, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse. Peter is also a world traveler and has lived in Denver, Medellin, Puerto Rico, San Francisco, Hong Kong, New York, Valencia, and London.

Feature 2021

29. Cultivating the Next Generation of Black Tech Leaders with Clinton Browning

Traditionally, companies source their executive teams and boards of directors solely through their existing networks of employees, investors, friends or family. This tends to lead to companies being led by groups who are not very reflective of their workforce or customer base.

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge sits down with Clinton Browning, partner and Head of Dreamscape at Daversa, an executive search firm for tech professionals. Clinton discusses the importance that hiring a diverse board and executive team has on the success of Tech companies and how starting from the top will change the hiring ecosystem in the future.

Clinton discusses: 

  • The importance of being inclusive and intentional when building your company’s board and executive team
  • How George Floyd’s death led Daversa to create Dreamscape
  • How Dreamscape is helping companies in the Tech space put into practice their goals to diversify executive roles
  • How his team has built an impressive network of 3000 black executives
  • What younger tech professionals can do to make themselves more attractive to executive search firms   
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Clinton is responsible for leading Davera’s Business unit, Dreamscape, which is dedicated to ensuring there is Black representation on the boards and executive teams of the most important companies and investing firms in technology. He has an over 25+ year career, starting at Korn Ferry where he helped develop and scale Diversity practice on a global scale. Clint is an alumni of The University of California, Berkeley, an entrepreneur, a builder, an advocate, and a true family man. He credits his success to his family foundation. 


Feature 2021

28. Malcolm’s 10 Financial Commandments

There is no shortage of thoughts and opinions out there when it comes to managing your personal finances and making smart money moves. However, not all financial advice is created equal. Some is meant to entertain, some is meant to inspire, and some is meant to educate.

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge rips a few pages out of his highly anticipated book to give you a preview. In The 10 Financial Commandments, Malcolm focuses on educating the reader, by sharing some of his favorite practical rules about money, both learned and earned.

Malcolm discusses: 

  • How some pieces of conventional wisdom can lead you astray
  • How to make sure that you are being intentional when thinking about your money
  • How to build equity in a more efficient and valuable way
  • The importance of finding your tribe and having someone to help keep you on track
  • And more

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