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Feature 2021

28. Malcolm’s 10 Financial Commandments

There is no shortage of thoughts and opinions out there when it comes to managing your personal finances and making smart money moves. However, not all financial advice is created equal. Some is meant to entertain, some is meant to inspire, and some is meant to educate.

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge rips a few pages out of his highly anticipated book to give you a preview. In The 10 Financial Commandments, Malcolm focuses on educating the reader, by sharing some of his favorite practical rules about money, both learned and earned.

Malcolm discusses: 

  • How some pieces of conventional wisdom can lead you astray
  • How to make sure that you are being intentional when thinking about your money
  • How to build equity in a more efficient and valuable way
  • The importance of finding your tribe and having someone to help keep you on track
  • And more

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