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63. The Importance of Managing Your Own Personal Finances as a Founder

As a founder, it can be challenging to know when to make the shift from pouring every dollar you have into getting your startup off the ground to taking a few chips off the table to eventually paying yourself first. However, every business owner should begin to separate their own personal finances from the business as soon as possible for a few different reasons.

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge sits down to discuss best financial practices for founders and how to know when it is time to begin to allocate your revenue to more personal goals. Malcolm runs through tools and tricks to grow your business and build sustainable financial habits for you and your business. 

Malcolm discusses: 

  • How to invest in your own business and build funds for your long-term goals
  • Counterbalancing your business’s high burn rate with low personal expenses
  • Reinvesting extra cash flow into retirement and diverse investments 
  • Protecting what you have built and your loved ones through insurance 
  • And more

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