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63. The Importance of Managing Your Own Personal Finances as a Founder

As a founder, it can be challenging to know when to make the shift from pouring every dollar you have into getting your startup off the ground to taking a few chips off the table to eventually paying yourself first. However, every business owner should begin to separate their own personal finances from the business as soon as possible for a few different reasons.

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge sits down to discuss best financial practices for founders and how to know when it is time to begin to allocate your revenue to more personal goals. Malcolm runs through tools and tricks to grow your business and build sustainable financial habits for you and your business. 

Malcolm discusses: 

  • How to invest in your own business and build funds for your long-term goals
  • Counterbalancing your business’s high burn rate with low personal expenses
  • Reinvesting extra cash flow into retirement and diverse investments 
  • Protecting what you have built and your loved ones through insurance 
  • And more

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58. The Importance of Mentorship as a Founder with Ron Bauer

In the simplest terms, a mentor is anyone who possesses more experience and knowledge than you in a given industry. They have skills you want to master in order to thrive. And you’d rather lean on their experience and expertise and learn from their mistakes, rather than having to go and make those same mistakes on your own.

Entrepreneurs need mentors especially, and perhaps more than other professionals, simply because it is nearly impossible to formally teach entrepreneurship in any controlled setting. There are just too many variables that will inevitably change from entrepreneur to entrepreneur and business to business.

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge speaks with Ron Bauer, a venture capitalist and the founder of Theseus Capital, about the role mentorship plays in the success of a startup founder. Ron shares his roadmap to success for entrepreneurs, talks about mentoring entrepreneurs, and how founders can find the right mentor for the right moment.

Ron discusses: 

  • How he applies a hands-on, academic methodology to the way he invests, and his hands-on approach to mentoring his entrepreneurs
  • His roadmap to success for startup founders
  • How to be proactive in the current market and how long he anticipates it lasting
  • How to find the right mentor for what you need at the moment
  • Why you should do something you enjoy and not focus solely on doing something to make money
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Ron Bauer is a venture capitalist and entrepreneur with over 20 years of financing businesses. He is focused on the Life Sciences, Technology, EdTech, and Natural Resources sectors, where he has created a number of exciting ventures side by side with some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and scientists, as well as world-class academic institutions that include Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, Cornell, and Hebrew University to name a few. He is the Founder of Theseus Capital Ltd, the family office investment vehicle for his portfolio companies.