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Feature 2021

51. Managing Your Finances as a Woman Working in Tech with Danika Waddell

Women in tech often face unique financial planning challenges that are not usually taken into account by traditional financial advice firms or FinTech solutions. For women working in tech, it can be hard to find a financial planner who understands the nuances of the gender pay gap and its limits on taking risks, the need to be methodical and do research prior to making a big decision, or the guilt associated with being a working mom logging long hours. But, advice that takes these factors into account when working with women would certainly fell on welcome ears.

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge speaks with Danika Waddell, the Founder and CEO of Xena Financial Planning, about how she helps women working in the tech industry manage their finances. Danika explains how women within the industry experience financial planning differently, their specific needs that aren’t met by the typical financial advisor, and why women start investing later in their careers than men.

Danika discusses: 

  • Why women need a space to talk about money that caters to their specific needs and preferences
  • Why women are less likely to invest money in their 20s than men
  • The different investor personalities between men and women
  • Her main message to women working in tech: You’re not alone.
  • And more


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