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Feature 2021

38. Developing Passive Investment Income as a Tech Professional with Christopher Nelson

Tech professionals are some of the best paid and most in-demand workers around the globe. And in exchange for that great pay and other incentives, it is not uncommon to log back-to-back (to back to back to back) 50, 60, or even 75-hour work weeks; ultimately leading to a burnout. One of the ways to stave off that burnout is to ensure that you have a secondary source of income to rely on if and when you feel the need to walk away for a while. 

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge is joined by Christopher Nelson, Principal and Co-founder of Wealthward, as they discuss the importance of developing secondary sources of income. Malcolm and Christopher share some of their own recommendations for how tech professionals can be intentional about their career choices, as well as the appeal of real estate as a means to generate passive income.

Christopher discusses: 

  • The ways in which having a secondary source of income can give you options as a tech professional
  • Being intentional about your career decisions 
  • The difference between thinking like an investor and thinking like a spectator
  • Understanding the true value of the equity you receive as compensation
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Christopher Nelson is the Co-Founder and Principal of Wealthward Capital, a private equity investment firm. Wealthward Capital invests in cash flowing and institutional grade assets. His focus is meeting with operators and finding the next investment. When not out looking for opportunities, Christopher is spending time with investors educating them on building thriving passive income portfolios.

Christopher is a twenty plus year technology executive (2 x IPOs), real estate investor, educator, and author. He has built professional services practices, run small businesses and helped take Splunk (SPLK) through an IPO and grow to a billion-dollar company. Christopher has a proven track record of building strong partnerships, win-win negotiations and finding great opportunities where others are not looking.