Feature 2021

55. Using Technology to Accelerate Your Influence as a Founder with Mark Lachance

One of the biggest problems that need to be solved almost immediately after launch is making some noise to let the public know you and your product or service exist. If not, no matter how good that product or service is, you likely won’t be in business for very long. And as daunting as it might sound, blitzscaling your content creation can be done; especially with the use of social media.

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge sits down with Mark Lachance, CEO of Maxy Media, and author of “The Lucky Formula.” Mark gives us the critical takeaway about how you can create your own luck through creating magnetism. He also explains his work in blitzscaling businesses by adopting social media; emphasizing why every business should prioritize content creation.

Mark discusses: 

  • The types of businesses he has scaled and why he keeps coming back for more
  • The key takeaway from his experiences with stacking odds in his favor by building magnetism
  • How to make your own luck in business
  • Why it’s important to blitzscale your business’ influence with diversification across social media and marketing platforms
  • And more


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