Feature 2021

Episode 7 – Performance Coaching to get you to the next level— with Christy Rutherford

Have you ever experienced that “stuck” feeling in your career? Do you appear successful to everyone around you but have a hard time seeing it yourself? Have you ever wondered what performance coaching looks like?

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge is joined by Christy Rutherford, founder and CEO of Vision Finder International. Christy and Malcolm dive into conversations about performance coaching while Christy shares her own story of how she went from working herself into a burnout to teaching others how to avoid it. 

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • How Christy’s journey has lead her coaching and consulting
  • What performance coaching is and how to know if you need it
  • Why Christy’s niche is with women in leadership 
  • Why she believes you need to make yourself a priority to succeed
  • Behaviors people tend to display that hold them back in the workplace
  • And more!

Tune in now to hear more on why you should be making yourself a priority, avoiding the fight club at work!

Resources: MalcomEthridge.com | Malcolm Ethridge | Christy Rutherford | ChristyRutherford.com | Change Now With Christy