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Feature 2021

59. Stock Options Trading 101 with Todd Rampe

A stock option is the right to buy a specific number of shares of either a stock or an index at a preset price. These options allow traders to speculate on the directional performance of a stock or index without owning the shares outright. For better or worse, options trading has now been democratized and made available to just about anyone, regardless of their individual risk tolerance, risk capacity, and overall understanding of the inner workings of options contracts.

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge speaks with Todd Rampe, author of “Get Paid, Learn To Trade” and founder of the Wealth Builders Institute. Todd is a trading educator who teaches individuals how to trade options using the software he built. He shares the advantages of trading options, what dollar amount makes trading options worth the benefit, why he chooses to teach people instead of selling his software, and what his 3 golden rules of options trading are.

Todd discusses: 

  • The advantages to trading options rather than owning the underlying stock outright
  • The point where someone can afford to trade options, and what amount won’t result in enough of a benefit
  • Why he chooses to teach people how to trade options instead of selling his software to them
  • What his 3 golden rules of options trading are
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Todd Rampe is the founder of the Wealth Builders Institute in Las Vegas, NV. Todd Rampe is one of the very few trading educators that actually trades his own account using the exact method he teaches both new and experienced traders. The secret to his success lies in his proprietary software, Triple Sync Logic. Using this unique software allows Todd and his students to spot Market Reversals, which are widely considered to be the single best time to enter a trade, because, at that stage, you will get in the trade right before the price changes direction.

Todd was very fortunate to learn how to trade in 1998, from someone he calls his “7-Figure Mentor,” because of how successful his mentor was, and of course, the amount of money he made. So, after well over 2 decades of trading, developing software and the methods that go with them, Todd is able to teach virtually anyone how to use his incredibly dependable Triple Sync Software, regardless of their experience. Todd Rampe built the Wealth Builders Institute to ensure that anyone that wants to learn to trade effectively, will have the best possible tools and knowledge at their fingertips, to accomplish that goal, in a very short period of time.