Feature 2021

Episode 2- Is Now The Time For Crypto? – with Sampson Williams

Everyone is saying now is the time to buy cryptocurrency. Is it something you should invest in?

In this episode, Malcolm is joined by Samson Williams, a professor and world renowned speaker on FinTech, Blockchain, and cryptocurrency. The pair dive into how crypto actually works, how to buy it, and all of the nerdy details in between. Samson also teaches Malcolm about the “religion” that is Bitcoin, and the dangers of getting caught up in the hype.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • How Bitcoin works
  • The benefits and detriments of cryptocurrency
  • How cryptocurrency can influence the real world
  • The role of money within society
  • And more!

Listen to this episode to discover some of the ways that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as a whole will influence the way we live and interact with money in the future.

Resources: MalcomEthridge.com | Malcolm Ethridge | Manage Your Damn Money | Samson Williams | SamsonWilliams.com