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Feature 2021

28. Malcolm’s 10 Financial Commandments

There is no shortage of thoughts and opinions out there when it comes to managing your personal finances and making smart money moves. However, not all financial advice is created equal. Some is meant to entertain, some is meant to inspire, and some is meant to educate.

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge rips a few pages out of his highly anticipated book to give you a preview. In The 10 Financial Commandments, Malcolm focuses on educating the reader, by sharing some of his favorite practical rules about money, both learned and earned.

Malcolm discusses: 

  • How some pieces of conventional wisdom can lead you astray
  • How to make sure that you are being intentional when thinking about your money
  • How to build equity in a more efficient and valuable way
  • The importance of finding your tribe and having someone to help keep you on track
  • And more

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Feature 2021

27. Non-Traditional Ways to Fund Your Startup with Doll Lank

Are you considering launching a start-up but unsure how you’ll come up with the funding? Are you currently looking at options to bring to life the next stage of your business and grow?

A ROBS transaction might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

In this episode Malcolm Ethridge sits down with Doll Lank, partner at KLB Benefits Law Group, to discuss different types of plans ERISA offers and the unique ROBS funding technique for C corporations. Doll shares the risks and benefits of ROBS plans and how they allow you to use your retirement savings to fund your start-up.

Doll Lank discusses: 

  • The different types of retirement plans eligible for a ROBS transaction and what role ERISA plays in the transaction
  • What types of businesses are eligible to use a ROBS and which ones are not
  • The risks and benefits you must take into account when considering a ROBS transaction to fund your business
  • The importance of seeking good guidance and working with a professional to help you avoid ERISA violations
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Dorothy “Doll” Lank, a co-founder of KLB Benefits Law Group, is experienced in advising employers on their benefits plans, with a focus on qualified retirement plans, particularly so-called “ROBS” plans. Before focusing on ERISA, she worked in prohibited transaction law, and employee benefits, Doll practiced general business law including entity formation, mergers & acquisitions, nonprofit law, real estate, land use, local government law, and even water law. Doll’s main interest is in helping clients progress toward their financial goals in a range of circumstances involving tax qualified benefits, from the correction of an employer plan failure, to avoiding a prohibited transaction, to the impact of an acquisition on a company’s benefits.

Feature 2021

26. Teaching Financial Literacy Through Technology with Evan Leaphart

Your credit is important, and it is something that is going to either propel you toward or hold you back from financial independence.

So why is that so many people know next to nothing about how credit scores work?

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge sits down with Evan Leaphart, founder of Kiddie Kredit, to discuss his journey as a founder and to talk about the importance of teaching financial literacy. Evan shares his own credit story and explains how he is using technology to teach kids about personal finance as early as possible. 

Evan discusses: 

  • His role in creating Black Men Talk Tech and how it came to fruition
  • Why he feels passionate about financial literacy 
  • How he moved himself from an idea to creating Kiddie Kredit
  • How Kiddie Kredit works to educate the entire family about credit 
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Evan Leaphart is the founder and CEO of Kiddie Kredit and the co-founder of Black Men Talk Tech. He creates online curriculums for schools, organizations, and families to teach children about the fundamentals of finance.